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New artwork at Exto Gallery  (2006)       New artwork at Gallery Buuf - The Art Centre  (2005-2006)       artwork at Artolive   (2003- 2006) Escher versus origamic architecture

Buildings (Amsterdam)

Book: from building to card Chatani/Nakazawa Origami

Paper (Origamic) architecture -  Ingrid Siliakus

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- Museumshop of Museum Rijswijk:
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Amsterdam, Buuf-The Art Centre,                                                                        'Outside',                                                                10/22/2006 -11/26/2006.




U.S.A., New York, Soho, 

Gallery 91: 

'New Media',

September 26th/October 28th, 2000.


U.S.A., New York,

American Craft Museum:

'Origamic Architecture',

May 18th/September 2nd, 2001.


England,  Cambridge,

Fitzwilliam College:

'Bos Autumn Convention',

September 13th/15th, 2002.


Sweden, Gästrike-Hammarby,

Gamla Stenhuset:

'Silhuett och origami',

April 1st/May 11th, 2002.


 U.S.A., Milwaukee, Wisconsin,                     'Movable book Society Conference',          September 19th/ 21st, 2002.


Poland, Poznan,                                                  Museum of H. Sienkiewicz,                           'Human',                                                        May/June,  2003.


Spain, Barcelona,

Sagrada Familia:

International reflection on Gaudi

October 23rd, 2003/January 17th,  2004.


Spain, Barcelona,

Obra Social Caja Madrid,

'Libros móviles y desplegables',

March 11/April 29, 2005.


Spain, Leon,                                                                    Edificio Botines:                                                             'Libros móviles y desplegables'                                                                      June 23/August 21, 2005.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam,                                    Gallery Buuf - The Art Centre:         'Heavenly',                                                                      August 21/October 2, 2005.

Amsterdam, Buuf-The Art Centre                                 'Cheer Up!'                                                              10/09/2005 - 11/20/2005.

Amsterdam,  Buuf-The Art Centre,                'Celebrations'                                                        11/27/2005 - 01/08/2006.

Amsterdam, Buuf-The Art Centre,                                                                       'Love & Seduce',                                                     01/15/2006 - 02/26/2006.

Amsterdam, Buuf-The Art Centre,                                  'Tasty,                                                                       03/05/2006 - 04/16/2006.

Amsterdam, Buuf-The Art Centre,                                                                        'City Breeze',                                                                04/24/2006 - 06/04/2006.

Scryption - Museum voor schriftelijke communicatie,
'Plezier met Papier'
May 2006 - August 2006.

Rijswijk, Museum Rijswijk,
'Holland Paper Biennial'
June2006 - September 2006.

Aalsmeer, Historische Tuin,
'Kunstroute Aalsmeer',
September 16/17, 2006.



Press release:
The Holland Paper Biennial
has been held for the sixth time
from 10 June - 10 September 2006 and has been exhibited at two museums: Museum Rijswijk and the CODA Museum, Apeldoorn.

(More images: Ingrid Siliakus - 'Paper Biennial 2006')

Biography of Ingrid Siliakus (1955)

Paper (Origamic) architect/paper artist

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

Something like 12 years ago, Ingrid Siliakus discovered paper (Origamic) Architecture by seeing work of the originator of this art form Prof. Masahiro Chatani (architect and professor in Japan). He developed this art form in the early 1980’s. Ingrid was instantly fascinated by the ingenious manner in which these cards were designed and by the beauty they radiated. Ingrid studied the originator his work for some years and than started to design herself.  Ingrid states that creating these cards have given her personal means of expressing. Her specialties are buildings of master architects and intricate abstract sculptures. Her source of inspiration by these abstract sculptures is works of artist like M.C. Escher. With buildings she feels attracted to work of Berlage and Gaudi. Her work has been exhibit and is being sold in The Netherlands and beyond.  

The distinction between pop-up cards and paper (Origamic) architecture cards is that in pop-up cards a model is - usually - folded out of more sequences of paper. With Paper (Origamic) Architecuture however, an object is cut out of a single piece of paper. It is done by a combination of detailed cutting and folding. To design a pattern from scratch, the artist needs the skills of an architect to create a two-dimensional design, which, with the patience and precision of a surgeon, becomes an ingenious three-dimensional wonder of paper. 

Orders accepted. Ask for pricing.

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 Copyright: Ingrid Siliakus, 2006.



Main project 2006:

- DAM (Denver Art Museum), Denver, U.S.A. Two designs of the expansion to the museum, being the 'Frederic C. Hamilton Building'. Spring/Autumn.

Main projects 2005:  

- Shamlian Advertising, Philadelphia, U.S.A., Christmas design: 'Delancey Street', October/November.

-  Xn-editions, Paris, France: participation (3 designs and cover books) 'White Book' of Francesca Gabbiani, limited edition artbooks (20 pieces), Spring/Summer.

Main project 2004:       

Assignment Museum of Modern Art, New York, U.S.A.:   Invitationcards  opening 'New MoMA building' (cards of the new building and for design shops MoMA).




Argentina,  La Plata:

El Dia,

May 15th,  2001.


U.S.A., Greenwich Village Gazette,

'Origamic Architecture at The American Craft Museum'

July 27th,  2001.


U.S.A., New York Times,

'Art in Review',

August 10th,  2001. 


Argentina, La Plata:

El Dia,

January 13th, 2002.


Spain, Barcelona:

La Vanguardia,

'La magia de los libros desplegables y móviles',

March 11th, 2005.


The Netherlands, Aalsmeer:
De Nieuwe Meerbode;
'Papieren paleizen op negende Kunstroute'
September 7, 2006.

The Netherlands, Leiden:
Participation to book: 'Papier op de Vlucht' (dutch/eng);
Peter Gentenaar;
Publishers: Compres bv.                                                   Book published due to the 6th Holland Paper Binnial 2006.

U.S.A., New York:
Participation to book: 'Paper in Three Dimensions'                           by Diane Maurer-Mathison;
Watson-Guptill Publications;
June 28, 2006.



'Origamic Architecture from building to card',

Tirion/Cantecleer  Publishers,

March, 2002.


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